work less,
play more.


the motto of Kinda Great for 2021.

you are more than your work. take some time to love your family and friends.
remind yourself what you're standing for - it's probably not your desk job.


light, substance & meaning.

The human experience is important, and should be documented and supplemented with creativity and support. Kinda Great is built to use creative expression to give light, substance, and meaning to important ideas. We are all a bright future, together. We are a non-exclusive club with a worldwide home-field advantage. We are a cyclical communal evolution. We are a desire to be together - to be part of a larger whole.

watch this space 👀 

Our website, existence, and work are in a perpetual state of construction. Please pardon our dust as things are being redefined and rebuilt.

Send love to your friends and your neighbors, too.
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